Sherburne Refuge Bulldogs

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Always Ohana Charming Chaos

Chaos lives up to his name! So sweet, so handsome, so crazy! This little guy is pure entertainment! He is quite clumsy with his big bear paws.

Chaos is a chocolate red who carries blue and tri.

Chaos has retired his daddy duties and looks forward to being a grandpa. 

Chaos' Dad and Mom
Always Ohana Kingsley
Kingsley, aka KingKing, is our gorgeous lilac and tan boy. King is all about having a good time. He loves to play and loves to be lazy! Typical Bulldog way of life. He is a very sweet boy with lots of love to give.

Handsome Harvey
Harvey is the newest boy to our family. He is as sweet as them come! Harvey loves everyone and an easy going guy who loves to play.  He is a lilac tri.


Otis is our handsome hammy boy! He is a lover who wants all your attention. Such a sweet guy who spends most of his day clowning around. Otis is a red and white triple carrier.
    In loving memory 

                                                 Always Ohana Dunkin Doughnut

Your wings were ready, but our hearts were not. Rest in piece my sweet boy. 

Dunkin is a stunning boy with an amazing personality. He is such a lover and sweet as can be. He loves to be the center of attention and thinks that everyone is his friend.
Dunkin was produced at Show Stopping Bulldogz. He is a black Seal, blue carrier, and very stocky weighing 55 pounds.

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