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Otis is our handsome hammy boy! Otis spends most of his time with my bestie, Leah at Lonely Acres Bulldogs. He is a lover who wants all your attention. Such a sweet guy who spends most of his day clowning around. Otis is a red and white triple carrier.

Always Ohana JoeJoe

Joey is such a sweet guy! He has quite the personality, always doing something goofy. Like most Bulldogs he has no idea that he isn't a lap dog. 

Always Ohana Kingsley

Kingsley, aka KingKing, is our gorgeous lilac and tan boy who is full of personality. Kingsley is living his days camping and canoeing with my brother in-law Justin.  

Always Ohana Dunkin Doughnut

Your wings were ready, but our hearts were not.

Rest in piece my sweet boy.

Dunkin is a stunning boy with an amazing personality. He is such a lover and sweet as can be. He loves to be the center of attention and thinks that everyone is his friend.

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