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If you are interested in adding a new family member

please read our information page before sending your application.

You can copy and paste it into an email.

Please send it to:

1. Are you interested in an English or French Bulldog?

2. Do you have a gender preference?

3. Do you have a color preference?​

4. Is this your first Bulldog? If so, have you researched the breed?

5. Do you have vet that is knowledgeable about Bulldogs?

6. Who will your Bulldog being living with?

7. Does anyone have pet allergies?

8. Do you have other pets?

9. What is your work schedule like? Will there be someone home with your new puppy most of the time?

10. Are you okay with staying in touch with us, (updates, photos, etc.)?

11. How did you hear about us?

12. When are you hoping to get a Bulldog? Is there a specific litter that your interested in? Or a specific Mom or Dad that you are interested in? Is there a time of year that works best for you to bring a new puppy home? 

13. Please include your name, address, and phone number to your application.



This is our typical pricing:

English Bulldogs: $3,500

French Bulldogs: $3,500

All of our babies are sold as pets ONLY! Absolutely no breeding.

All puppies must be picked up from our home. We do not ship or meet.

Please note: Filling out an application does not reserve a puppy, a holding fee/deposit must be paid in order to reserve a puppy.

Please take the time to read over our health guarantee/contract

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