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Available Adults and Older Puppies

A couple times of year we will have adults or older puppies available. Here is a little information about

our retired adults. The majority of our dogs will be re homed at some point in their lives. The reason for

this is very simple- it is what is best for them. They deserve to have their very own family, that they do

not have to share with multiple other dogs. Believe me, if it were about what I wanted I would never re home

any of them; I have raised them all of their lives, love and care for them with all of my heart. Keeping all of

them to share my love and attention would be selfish. In addition, there are a lot of people that just don't

want to do the puppy stage but would make amazing Bulldog parents.


All of our dogs are fully house trained. However, going to a new home can cause some accidents, it is very important that potential new owners understand joining a new home and family is a big change and time to adjust is needed. All of our dogs spend time in our home. I do everything I can to make the adjustment to going of their new home as easy as possible. In a perfect situation, I would like to have a family chosen long before our dogs are ready for their new home. This way there is plenty of time for the new family to get to know their new member of their family and for them to get to know you.


Visits are so important when it comes to re homing our dogs. Bulldogs have so much personality and we need to make sure you are the right fit for them. Our retired dogs are typically between the ages of 2 and 5. We never have more than three litters with our females. But there are times that our females only have one litter and are retired. This could be because they didn't like being a mom, didn't handle pregnancy well, there were complications, and many other reasons.


If there is one of our dogs that you are interested in learning more about please feel free to contact me. The earlier the better! Please keep in mind that there are some like Pupcake and Amari who will live with us forever. There are also some that already have chosen their new families.


Here is a little extra information on our older puppies that become available.

There are many reason that we decide a puppy isn't right for our program. I am very mindful of what seems to be a common problem among the breed. For example, there is currently a big problem with allergies in french bulldogs. Therefore, a french bulldog with allergies will not be entered into our program. Sometimes their health testing doesn't come back as good as I needed it to, their look is not what I am looking for, they don't seem to be doing well with being in such a social environment, their count is low, or many other reasons.

1. Is there a specific Bulldog you are interested in?

2. Do you have a gender preference?

3. Is this your first Bulldog?

4. Do you have other pets? If so, how do they do around dogs?

5. Who would be living in the home? Does anyone have allergies to pets?

6. What is your work schedule like? How much time would a Bulldog spend home alone?

7. Do you have a fenced in yard? Or a large yard in the country?

8. When are you looking to add a Bulldog to your family?

*** Adding one of our adult Bulldogs to your family requires a two-week trial period with daily communication, is this something you are okay with?

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