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Welcome to Sherburne Refuge Bulldogs!

Our mission is to raise happy healthy fur kids for your family to enjoy.




A little about us


Located just north of Minneapolis, MN near the Sherburne Wildlife refuge, we ask that anyone interested in our pups sets up a time with me to come out and meet all of us prior to pups being born, (as we do not have any visitors until our babies have had their first vaccine at 8+ weeks).  It's a great way to get to know our fur babies personalities, ask any questions you might have, and have an idea of what your new family member will look like at maturity!


In my eyes I do not raise Bulldogs, I create new family members. I absolutely love what I do! I am home with my fur kids full time and wouldn't have it any other way. I am not a "hobby breeder" raising Bulldogs is  my world, my entire life revolves around my fur babies. Our Bulldogs are our Family. We started raising English Bulldogs in 2014. And French Bulldogs in 2016.


Creating healthy family members that you are able to enjoy for many many years is my first priority when breeding. This is why health testing is so important to me. We health test our Bulldogs through Embark. They are checked for over 160 genetic conditions. If a dog is found to have one of the conditions they will not be entered into our breeding program. Although the testing can not ensure that our babies will be 100% healthy their entire lives, it does cover a large majority of major health issues. This is also why we have had our lines for 4 generations. A conscientious breeder knows, loves, and is proud of their lines.


Keeping puppies from our lines is something we will always do because knowing the lines is what is needed to produce healthy puppies. Be leery of breeders who do not hold back from their lines - there is no reason to breed a dog if their quality isn't good enough to hold back from.


Please do your research when you are looking to add a new member to your family. Don't be afraid to ask questions, lots of questions. Spend some time talking with your breeder and getting to know them, let them get to know you. I LOVE "talking dogs" and enjoy getting to know our future puppy parents. Maintaining a relationship with our puppy parents is extremely important to me. I want to know how our babies are for their entire lives, not just the first week or two after they went home. Also, don't be afraid to contact their previous puppy buyers and/or ask other breeders about them.


Be proactive so you don't need to be reactive. Go see their home, meet the breeder, meet the puppies parents. Seeing the environment that your new puppy is raised in is extremely important; if a breeder does not want you to come to their home; they likely have something to hide.


All of our mommies are at our home for you to meet. We do not put our girls into "guardian homes." They are all raised here by us and will stay with us until they are spayed and have found their perfect forever home. We do have a couple of our boys that went to live with our family once they were close to two and we had time to watch them grow and mature physically, socially and mentally. We prefer to use our own boys that we know are happy and healthy verses stud dogs that we have no way of truly knowing much about. Therefore, we do have more males than usual. So having them with family helps keep dominance issues at bay here at Sherburne Refuge. We do not have our dogs in crates. Using wire crates in a breeding program is absolutely ridiculous! We have invested in making sure our fur kiddos are happy, healthy and comfortable.


Adding a Bulldog to your family is a BIG deal! Make sure you are ready for the long term commitment of being owned by a Bulldog.




Contact Us

Please take the time to read through our website before contacting us.

Call or text- 763-843-7124

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